Say Hi Once in a While!

And without an agenda! You'll be better for it.

There are a lot of people that have helped shaped me throughout my career. I am thankful for those relationships and friendships, but as we move on to other roles or companies, it’s amazing how fast we can let time go by and not really realize it. I do my best to make it a point to keep those relationships I have made over time intact.

Now, I know it is not realistic and likely not even possible to keep in contact with every person that you have ever worked with, but, it’s important to do what we can to ensure those we respect remain in our lives in some aspect. So, when I catch myself thinking of someone, or just know I haven’t talked with a certain individual in a while, I reach out.

As a former colleague, and in some cases a friend, it’s only natural that we want to maintain those relationships. I love to catch up with people, see where they’ve been, the trajectory of where they are headed, and I’ll share the same if they’re interested. I know that I can’t help but smile when someone thinks of me in this way, and I can’t help but try to give that same gratification to others!

And I make it a point to do it without an agenda. If it pays off in other ways in the long run, great!

So go ahead and reach out to that person that’s been on your mind - chances are, they are going to be just as happy to hear from you!